Classroom Helper’s Intern Amy Reflects on her Work Experience

Classroom Helper’s Intern Amy Reflects on her Work Experience

Posted by Amy (Lead Intern, Classroom Helper) on Sep 13th 2017

The sudden influx of back to school commercials signals the end of summer for middle schoolers and college students alike. I will be going back to college this fall, concluding my summer working for Classroom Helper. Unfortunately, Classroom Helper has yet to branch out into collegiate level flashcards so our work here will not aid my own studies, but I am happy to know that it will help middle and elementary schoolers this fall. Mathematics is important for everyone, because it teaches problem solving and logic. Although I will not be here, I am happy to know that my coworkers will continue to do whatever it takes to make useful and educational materials.

A few days ago, I got to hold our finished flashcards in my hands. After seeing the many digital prototypes, getting to hold the physical product was a great feeling. One of the craziest parts of working with a small business this summer was realizing how much work happens behind the scenes. Every product is reviewed, reworked, and revised many, many times before it is finalized. This requires a lot of people to collaborate and work nonstop to complete each product. Everyone here is willing to do whatever it takes to get the Classroom Helper materials ready for the school year. My internship with Classroom Helper was a very rewarding experience, working in such a dedicated work environment.

Hopefully, I will get an opportunity to work with Classroom Helper again, but until then I will miss being an intern here. I wish the best of luck to everyone with their upcoming school or work years and, remember, math is fun!


                                                                                                      Amy (Lead Intern)