Private Tutoring - Short-term & Ongoing

Private Tutoring - Short-term & Ongoing

Private tutoring for elementary and middle school students is available for short-term ongoing lessons and long-term ongoing lessons.

Private Tutoring - Short-term Ongoing Class

12 weeks: $840 total for up to one hour per week of private tutoring for individuals or small groups.

  • $45 for each additional hour.
  • For each student, one complimentary report and student portfolio will be provided.

What can be provided:

► Lesson plans.

► Online or in-person tutoring.

► Individual and small group tutoring.

► Addressing IEP and/or 504 plan goals

► Data collection (grading, observations).

► Data Reporting (individual, summary).

► Student portfolios for family conferences.
For custom pricing options, quotes, or purchase orders, please email