We provide tutoring services with study kits to those that commit to one year of our service.  Based on an initial assessment, we develop a personalized performance plan with milestones for each student.  We work with parents to develop incentives for improved learning, to maximize the tutorial experience and reward children for their hard work.  We focus on mathematics and reading/writing skills.  Currently, we provide tutoring services in Seattle and nearby areas.



Monday - Friday

10:00AM - 7:00PM  








“Both of my boys are in the program. They were both struggling somewhat before being tutored. I am very satisfied with the work the tutor has done with them. They've both progressed tremendously. Thank you.”  Aikaterini H.


 "These videos provide students, parents, and teachers an opportunity to review numerous concepts presented in an easy to follow format.  They are enjoyable to watch and allow for multiple viewings to help the concepts sink in."  -Arlene C., teacher for 21 years, New Jersey.






 About Us

Statement from the owner

“My experience tutoring revealed the struggles parents face today.  There’s simply too much to juggle on any given school day.  Traveling for work, working long hours, stuck in traffic, driving the kids to afterschool activities - it is intense.  There’s just not enough time to get everything done.  Not without help.  The realities are there, so what can we do about it?  

School budget cuts adds to the challenges teachers and administrators face as they adapt to a new, requisite standard.  Our products and services are affordable, so that we can reach parents of all income levels, and teachers alike.  

As Grandma would often say, if you want something done right, you must do it yourself.  So, we’re here to help, particularly with the Common Core standards.   


It seems to be a trend today, giving back through small-business startups.  And that is precisely why I formed Classroom Helper.  I began working in the field of Education, to give back and contribute my time in a meaningful way.  Schools located within impoverished communities are in desperate need of educational resources.  Through Classroom Helper’s give-back program, we can make a difference in so many ways.  So, let’s make a difference together.   We owe it to the next generation, and the many more to come.”  

- Maria Jacob, CEO


Keys to Success

At Classroom Helper, Inc., we measure our success based on your student success in the classroom, as a direct result of our products and services.  

We believe in fostering creative learning, so our products and services employ a diverse set of tools and methods to help students succeed, with fun, creative exercises.  

We want to ensure our product and services are effective.  Therefore, our tools help to minimize the opportunity for online distractions by providing products that are tangible, along with our face-to-face workshops.  


Products and Services

Our youth need to be prepared for the challenges we face today.  With an ever-changing technological world, we need the best and the brightest in our backyard.  They are to do better than you and me.  They are to learn more, because the challenges with technology only increase with time.  So, we began with Mathematics.  

According to the Washington State Report Card for the 2015-2016 school year, less than 60 percent of the students, Grades 3 through 11, meet the standards for mathematics.   The Common Core standards have been adopted in over 40 states throughout the U.S.  These standards apply real-world mathematical skills, including probability, statistics, arithmetic, and much more.