Grade 6 Mathematics

Grade 6 Mathematics

Math Tutor Study Kits include:

  • Complete Tutorial Video aligned with Common Core standards.
  • DVD runtime:  120 minutes
  • Set of 50 Flashcards aligned with the Common Core standards. 
  • Worksheets with quizzes and projects!

Grade 6 Mathematics:

  • Segment 1:  Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    •  ratios, comparing quantities, the coordinate system, reciprocals, comparing measurements, and percentages.
  • Segment 2:  The Number System
    • fractions, decimals, properties of numbers, rational numbers, and the coordinate system.
  • Segment 3:  Expressions & Equations
    •  the distributive property, exponents, order of operations, algebra, and quantitative relationships.
  • Segment 4:  Geometry
    •  types of triangles and squares, area, surface area, volume, and the coordinate system.
  • Segment 5:  Statistics & Probability
    • statistical variability in data, summary of data, distribution of data, and real-world statistical applications.

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