Grade 7 Mathematics

Grade 7 Mathematics

Math Tutor Study Kits include:

  • Complete Tutorial Video aligned with Common Core standards.
  • Video runtime:  120 minutes est.
  • Set of 50 Flashcards aligned with the Common Core standards. 

Grade 7 Mathematics:

  • Segment 1:  Ratios and Proportional Relationships
    •  unit rates, equivalent ratios, constant of proportionality, equations, the coordinate system, and percentages.
  • Segment 2:  The Number System
    • add/subtract rational numbers, and multiply/divide rational numbers.
  • Segment 3:  Expressions & Equations
    •  properties of operations, numeric and algebraic expressions, inequalities, and real-world applications.
  • Segment 4:  Geometry
    •  scale drawings, constructing triangles, angles, area, and volume.
  • Segment 5:  Statistics & Probability
    • random sampling, statistical inference, statistical variability and distribution, and probability models.

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